Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Progress Report

So I've made some good progress on my animations. I've got most of the assets finished and I've recorded the voiceover. Unfortunately, I haven't really started the biggest task which is animating. I'll hopefully make some big leaps in that next week.

Here is an image of one of my actors. He's a nice guy, a little difficult to work with sometimes but good at heart. He also makes the best damn quesadillas in North America.

He doesn't always have four arms. That's just a trick he does for laughs. What a kidder.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Animal Co-existance Effort

As a buffalo, I feel it is important to extend a hoof of friendship to all creatures. For this reason, I am attempting the first animal co-existance society. This group will try to find common ground among all animals, focusing particularly on those that live in the same forest as me.


To create a series of short animations almost like a comic. Each animated short will take place in the same location and using the same characters. I plan to do at least three and each will be about one minute long. I have already written the scripts for them and because they are very similar except for dialogue, it won't be too much more work to do three of them instead of just one.

The two main characters are a dove and a squirrel and they spend their time in a forest talking. The title of the series is "What Animals Say to Each Other."


Here is my asset list for the three scripts I have chosen.

A forest environment- I already have an in depth forest designed so I might just add to this and expand it.

A dove- I need a cute looking dove. I might design two different "angles" of him so I can use a variety of perspectives. I will need to create this character with moving parts so he can talk and move around.

A squirrel- A squirrel is the counterpart to my dove so I will probably design two versions of him as well. He will also need to be able to move and talk.

An explosion- There is one large explosion in one of the scripts so I will need to create a realistic exploding squirrel as well as fire particles.

A desolated forest environment- One comic requires a forest destroyed by loggers. Though this environment is complex, I only need it for one shot so I wont need to be incredibly complex.

A tree- The dove character spends most of his time perched in a large tree on a branch so I will need to design a new tree.

Voice recordings- Obviously, I will need to record some actors for the different characters. I'm not too worried about this because I have some friends in mind and the recording session shouldn't take very long.


Week 1
This first week was spent writing the script, casting the parts, and planning out the assets.

Week 2
I plan on recording the dialogue and preparing my different assets in photoshop.

Week 3
This week I will begin animating the different shorts. I would like a rough of at least two of the three

Week 4
This week will be spent finalizing the animations and working on the particle effects and more difficult parts of the stories.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

No hablo espanol.

yo note que an habido cosas etrenas en mi vida pero no se que esta pasando. mi pelo se a estado empezando a caer y e estado sonando extranamente. si an visto la pelicula "the fly" es algo parecido menos eljeff goldbloom. no se cuanto tiempo puedo seguir. oren por esta bestia.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Hoof Struggle

As a buffalo, I do feel slightly handicapped at times. I mean, there are certain activities where those without opposable thumbs just can't keep up. You try making a sandwhich with hooves. Even typing this blog is extremely difficult for me.

Anyway, that being said I started messing around with some footage for this movie I'm working on. I decided to smooth out some of the shots and put it inside of TV for no reason whatsoever. It's not perfect though but don't blame me, blame the hooves.

Oh, and imagine having hooves and Carpal tunnel syndrome. Don't get me started.